Writing Portfolio

Science communication and advocacy articles written by Dr. Ada Hagan.


Historic articles (republished with permission)

Examining Flint: New research highlights lack of legionella public policy

Why did cases of Legionnaires’ disease spike when the water source was changed for Flint, Michigan? We look at the scientific investigations into the cause, and how these data may influence a case around water safety policies.

If You Give a Baby a Bath, and More Microbial Myths

A followup to the “Microbial Myths” Youtube video that examines what the literature has to say about microwaving sponges, bathing newborns, and using Bunsen burners as a part of aseptic techniques at the bench.

Siderophores: A treatment target?

Iron is essential for many bacterial pathogens to cause disease so they often use siderophores to gather it. Researchers are attempting to exploit the siderophore as a treatment option by developing sideromycins, inhibitors, and even vaccines.

Siderophores: Bacterial Swiss Army knives

Bacteria can use siderophores to increase their survival, to signal with other cells, and strike against other species.