SciComm Webinars

Workshops & Webinars:

  • “How to Write a Review Paper” — A one hour workshop to break down the intimidating project of a review paper into manageable pieces. Participants will learn tools to facilitate their writing process and to revise a first draft for their advisor.

  • “Telling Your Science as a Story” — A two hour workshop to learn the basics of adapting narrative storytelling to your scientific story. By the end, participants will have learned the And/But/Therefore (ABT) narrative structure and identified the most compelling story line for their science.

  • Reproducible Science — Workshops for investigators and trainees to convert their data analysis and manuscript writing processes into straight-forward, collaborative workflows. Attendees will learn about tools that can improve repeatable data cleaning, analysis, and visualization while allowing easy sharing and documentation.

  • Intro to R/Git/Unix — Workshops to introduce investigators and trainees to programming skills for data analysis. Based off of the Carpentries training program and taught by a Carpentries-certified instructor.

Don’t see the workshop or training that you’re looking for? Let us design one to fit your needs.

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Ada K. Hagan

I am a microbiologist with a passion for making science accessible. I hope to use my background in communications and higher education to help make scientific concepts more easily understood and make the academy more inclusive to future scientists from all backgrounds.