Writing & Editing Services

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Support for: Writing

(Including: grants, manuscripts, dissertations, graduate program applications, job application packets, & more)

Professional Development:

One-on-one writing coaching — Get help demystifying the writing process to get that first draft faster and/or a better second draft. Writing coaching with ASCC includes four, one-hour sessions, a personalized coaching plan, and pre- and post-assessments to track your growth. Learn more….

Structure/Content Revision:

Early in the writing/brainstorming process and need help with deciding what should be included, the organization of an early draft, or can’t quite put your finger on what’s missing? Structure and content revisions come in at the beginning of your writing process. We can help you brainstorm or outline that early draft before it exists and then suggest revisions to your writing to identify missing information or help with the overall organization. Use content and structure revising to ensure concise writing with all the information your readers need, and nothing they don’t.

Line Editing:

In the late stages of writing and need fresh eyes to check for grammar and typos? Line editing gets you a fresh pair of eyes to make sure that each paragraph looks, and reads, its best. Use editing to drop your word count and catch those mistakes that will distract the reader from your writing.

Support for: Presentations


  • Slides — Let us look through your slides and provide feedback on typos, organization, design, and content.

  • Posters — We can take a look at your conference posters for typos and/or provide feedback on layout, content, and formatting.

  • Talks — Need a practice audience prepared to give meaningful feedback on your upcoming presentation or job talk? We will watch your presentation and provide feedback on everything from substance to style.


  • Research summary (~2k words) — Interested in expanding your research into a new direction but need a handle on the literature? Use our research summary services to dig through the literature and write a brief (~2,000 word) summary of the field. [Not for use in published manuscripts without prior agreements]

  • Reproducible data analysis — Need help analyzing that data and/or making the right graphics? Let us help by creating an easy to use and repeatable method of cleaning and visualizing your data.

Are you a woman trainee & member of a marginalized group? See our services dedicated to you.