Writing Workshops & Webinars

  • How to Write a Review Paper: OnDemand” — A webinar to break down the intimidating project of a review paper into manageable pieces. Participants will learn tools to facilitate their writing process and to revise a first draft for their advisor. (length: 40-60 minutes)

  • “Telling Your Science as a Story” — A two hour workshop to learn the basics of adapting narrative storytelling to your scientific story. By the end, participants will have learned the And/But/Therefore (ABT) narrative structure and identified the most compelling story line for their science. (length: 90-120 minutes)

  • “Writing Methods and Habits for PhDs” — A one hour webinar to learn about building good writing habits and to identify the writing method(s) that work for each participant. A great resource for PhDs getting ready for thesis and/or article writing. (length: 40-60 minutes)

  • “Careers in SciComm” — There’s more to do in science communication than being a journal editor or writing magazine articles. Learn about the options in a one hour overview of the jobs available in industry, government, academic, and more! (length: 40-60 minutes)

  • “Effective Peer Review” — A two hour workshop on the basics of peer review that discusses the level and type of feedback that is most helpful in peer review as well as how to provide it in a constructive manner. Great for trainees itching to help review papers. (length: 40-60 minutes)

Don’t see the workshop or training that you’re looking for? Let us design one to fit your needs.

All webinar participants must adhere to our Webinar Code of Conduct